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Are you thinking about buying a home or renting an apartment today? 

Sometimes, house hunting can be a difficult process but, no matter what you are looking for, we have the expertise to guide you and provide all the necessary knowledge, resources and the capability to make the process of purchasing or leasing a home enjoyable. As a Short sale and Foreclosure Resource Specialist (SFR), I can assist HOMEOWNERS with other alternatives that would save their homes instead of selling.

Stop using up your gas looking for an apartment or home!! As a Realtor, I can find your family a rental property for free. My commission is paid by the landlord. Call for an appointment to get tenant representation today!

I am a notary public in the state of California since 1999. Call me if you need me to notarize your documents. I can come to your home or business, or you can make an appointment to come to my office. All proceeds are donated to charities in the Los Angeles areas.        

I serve the Great City of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. I have been in business for over 32 years.  

Call me today at 310-692-0591 for all your real estate needs!

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